The Eastern Panhandle Business Association Endorses Riley Moore

September 20, 2016



Harpers Ferry, WV – The Moore for West Virginia campaign aims to bring jobs and opportunity to the Eastern Panhandle. In recognition of this, the Eastern Panhandle Business Association (EPBA) has officially endorsed Riley Moore for District 67 in the House of Delegates.

The EPBA is a coalition of business leaders from across the Panhandle. The legislative priorities for the EPBA in 2016 align with the Moore for West Virginia campaign – Workforce Development, Tax Reform, Education, Infrastructure Development and legal and regulatory reform.

“West Virginia’s economic climate is disastrous, our citizens deserve good paying jobs,” candidate Riley Moore said. “Reforming the tax code, ridding our state of unnecessary regulation and allowing businesses to grow and hire will lead to a prosperous West Virginia.”

The EPBA based their endorsement partly on Moore’s concrete economic proposals: The Economic Empowerment and Investment Act and the West Virginia Works Public/Private Partnership. Read more about these on our issues page.

“The Eastern Panhandle has real potential to become an economic engine for our state,” Moore said. “Our government, or any government for that matter, cannot buy prosperity; children are leaving our state every day to find opportunity – it’s time we fight for an economy that works for every West Virginian.”

For a full list of Moore for West Virginia campaign endorsements, see:



Paid for by Moore for West Virginia Treasurer, Arch A. Moore III

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