issues.jpgThere are tough challenges facing our District, region, and state.  Our community needs strong leadership in Charleston to encourage the job growth and economic prosperity that will foster a new outlook on the future of our region.  Charleston must be a partner in Jefferson County’s future, not an impediment. 

Riley understands this well. He learned the value of hard work early in his career as a welder in a rock quarry.  He is ready to work hard for our community and is not afraid to get his hands dirty to find real solutions to our challenges.

As Delegate, Riley will fight for:

  • More Jobs and Opportunity – Riley Moore supports reforming the tax code so we can attract more businesses to our state, create better jobs, and allow families to keep more of their hard earned money.
  • Jefferson County's Fair Share – Charleston treats the Eastern Panhandle like a piggy bank instead of a partner. Riley will leverage our county’s position as a top-payer of income taxes to get our share of new roads, infrastructure projects, and good schools with locality pay for teachers.
  • A World-Class School System – We need a school system that works for our children: Riley will work to make sure the money we spend gets them the education they deserve. He will focus on technical and higher education so our children are prepared to work.
  • Combating Drug Addiction – Riley Moore believes we must focus on treatment and prevention to fight the drug epidemic. Helping those suffering from addiction to find hope while also getting tough on drug traffickers.



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