Policy Proposals

If elected, Riley Moore will work to implement the following legislation:

Budget Modernization and Transparency Act

The people have no ability to follow where their tax dollars are spent in our current budget process. With lack of oversight, we have seen government grow exponentially and wasteful spending wreak havoc on our state budget. Read my Op-ed "Transparency and Accountability for the People" here. My bill aims to:

  • Allow citizens to see how their money is spent by making it plainly accessible online.
  • Bring accountability to the process by actually categorizing spending instead of throwing it into a broad category of ‘other.’
  • Fix the monetary request practice by making government agencies request funds on public record instead of during private, closed-door meetings.

Economic Empowerment and Investment Act

Our economy is in a state of crisis. Employers cannot afford to do business in West Virginia, and many citizens experience the so called ‘struggle to stay.’ We have to provide an atmosphere that allows job creation and economic opportunity for every West Virginian. This legislation will:

  • Create incentives for employers to grow and expand by lowering business taxes for designated periods of time based on the number of jobs they create and tax revenue they produce.
  • Bolster employment through business expansion, creating more taxpayers and ultimately stimulating the economy in all parts of our state.
  • Lower prices for the consumer, as corporations compete for a share of West Virginia’s new thriving economy.

West Virginia Works Partnership

Job training is absolutely critical to success. There is currently little focus on tangible career paths that lead to a prosperous future. By creating a mutually beneficial partnership between companies looking to hire workers and public education systems already in place, we can train our workforce without costing the taxpayer a dime. This partnership acts to:

  • Establish tax credits for companies based solely on the amount of job training they provide for local West Virginians.
  • Educate workers for training in specific industries at no cost to the individual or the business, and as they work and pay income tax the program is net positive in revenue.
  • Diversify our economy and train our workers for the high-paying jobs they deserve.

Paid for by Moore for West Virginia Treasurer, Arch A. Moore III

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