Supporting Education


Delegate Moore is a staunch advocate for locality pay for our teachers in Jefferson County. Currently, every county in West Virginia is mandated to use the same pay scale for teachers, which means that teachers from very different parts of the state are similarly compensated. However, Moore believes that pay must be determined based on cost of living and regional competition for retention. Jefferson borders Virginia and Maryland where teachers can nearly double their salaries overnight. We must do better to retain our teachers and make sure they are paid competitive wages here in Jefferson County.

Moore is also a champion for Shepherd University recognizing its great contributions in educating and preparing our children and West Virginia’s future workforce. During his term, Moore fought for more resources for the university by supporting the creation of a new higher education funding formula that treats all state universities more equitably. Currently, Shepherd University receives the least amount of money of all other state universities when it comes to funding per student. This is unacceptable and will be a top priority for Moore if re-elected.

Additionally, Moore supports the large community of homeschooling families in Jefferson County. This session he sponsored the “Tim Tebow Bill”, which would allow homeschool children to participate in school sports. As taxpaying households, the children of these families should be able to participate in sports and extracurricular activities.

Paid for by Moore for West Virginia Treasurer, Arch A. Moore III

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