Addressing Transportation and Infrastructure Needs


Delegate Moore understands that over 50% of Jefferson County’s workforce commutes to Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC with hundreds of residents riding the MARC train every morning to their places of employment in these surrounding states. He believes that expanding access to these job markets is critical for the continued growth of our region.

That’s why Moore effectively secured first-time funding for the MARC train. Earlier this year, service came under threat due to the fact that West Virginia has never paid the state of Maryland for it. Through Moore’s successful efforts, train service interruptions were prevented, and MARC train service will continue beyond this year. Additionally, funding was secured with no tax increases to the people of Jefferson County because Moore believes in fighting for Jefferson’s fair share of the large amount of taxes we already pay to Charleston.

Riley also supports the expansion of high-speed internet in the state and believes it can have a transformative effect on our region’s economy by facilitating telecommuting and residents’ ability to start online businesses. This year, he proudly sponsored HB 4447, a bill that was signed into law and will now require the installation of broadband conduits as part of highway projects.

Paid for by Moore for West Virginia Treasurer, Arch A. Moore III

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