POLITICO: McCarthy endorses Riley Moore for open West Virginia House seat

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s will endorse Riley Moore, of the West Virginia Moore Capito political family, for West Virginia’s Second Congressional District. The district is safely Republican and opened up after incumbent Rep. Alex Mooney announced his bid for West Virginia’s Senate seat. Continue reading

WASHINGTON POST: This group is sharpening the GOP attack on ‘woke’ Wall Street

Bankrolled by mysterious donors, a little-known group named Consumers’ Research has emerged as a key player in the conservative crusade to prevent Wall Street from factoring climate change into its investment decisions. Continue reading

YAHOO NEWS: After Biden’s Veto, States Like Kentucky and West Virginia Are Leading the Charge against ESG

Two Appalachian states — West Virginia and Kentucky — are making sure their pension systems are protected from retirement fund managers who would prioritize environmental, and social, and governance (ESG) factors in retirement decisions. Continue reading

POLITICO: Did they jump or were they pushed?

Red-state regulators have the financial sector on the defensive over ESG, but they may be overstating their success in bending Wall Street to their will. Continue reading

S&P GLOBAL: Biden vetoes GOP-led effort to overturn Labor Department ESG rule

As expected, President Joe Biden vetoed Congress' recent decision to overturn a new US Labor Department rule that allows financial managers of private retirement plans to consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investments. The Biden rule rolled back a Trump-era rule barring fiduciaries from assessing ESG risks and returns along with other investment criteria. Continue reading

FOX BUSINESS: 25 states hit Biden admin with lawsuit over climate action targeting Americans' retirement savings

FIRST ON FOX: A group of 25 states on Thursday filed a federal lawsuit against the Biden administration, arguing a recent rule allowing retirement plan managers to factor environmental and social issues into investment decisions violated the law. Continue reading

FOX BUSINESS: West Virginia doubles down on anti-ESG stance with new bill targeting top financial firms

After going against five major financial firms for their anti-coal investments, West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore is doubling down on his stance by introducing a bill to better protect resident funds from environmental social and corporate governance (ESG) projects, which he discussed exclusively on "Mornings with Maria" Tuesday. Continue reading

BREITBART: West Virginia, Louisiana State Treasurers Criticize Joe Biden Rule Allowing Companies to Prioritize ESG Initiatives for Retirement Plans

West Virginia and Louisiana state treasurers blasted President Joe Biden’s controversial Labor Department rule change which allows companies to prioritize Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives when choosing retirement plans — ultimately reversing a Trump-era rule. Continue reading

DAILY CALLER: State Treasurer Who Took On BlackRock Plans Crackdown On Woke Investing As Congressman

During his time as West Virginia State Treasurer, Moore prioritized combating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards used by large asset managers and banks that diverted capital away from fossil fuels. Now as a candidate for Congress in 2024, Moore plans to push back against these investing strategies through national legislation if he is elected. Continue reading

WASHINGTON EXAMINER: West Virginia anti-ESG crusader aims to bring fight to Congress with 2024 run

West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore has made battling ESG a top priority, and he now hopes to bring that fight to the halls of Congress. Continue reading
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