THE DAILY WIRE: ‘Destroy Our Economy’: Republican Treasurer Cuts Ties To Company Over China, Coal Strategies

West Virginia Republican State Treasurer Riley Moore announced Monday that the state would no longer be using BlackRock Inc. for banking transactions due to the company’s involvement in China and its policies related to coal and natural gas. Continue reading

THE FEDERALIST: West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore Drops BlackRock Over Woke Capitalism

West Virginia Republican Treasurer Riley Moore announced Monday the state’s Board of Treasury Investments would no longer be working with BlackRock for banking transactions over the investment firm’s animosity towards fossil fuels and friendliness with Communist China. Continue reading

FOX BUSINESS: West Virginia dumps BlackRock fund over anti-energy stance

West Virginia state Treasurer Riley Moore announced Monday that his state would end the use of a BlackRock Inc. investment fund over the firm's push for climate-focused investment strategies that Moore says threaten his state's economy. Continue reading

THE FEDERALIST: Why Are Oil-Rich States Run By Republicans Absent From Coalition Against Woke Capitalism?

West Virginia Republican Treasurer Riley Moore led a coalition of 15 states last month highlighting $600 billion in assets they pledged to take from banks that embrace corporate wokeism and refuse to bank equally with fossil fuel companies. Continue reading

DAILY WIRE: ‘Un-American’: Republican State Financial Officers Call For Banks To Stop Catering To Biden’s Coal and Oil Policies

Led by West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore, 16 Republican state financial officers have banded together to fight bank boycotts against the oil and coal industry.  Continue reading

NATIONAL REVIEW: Fifteen States Respond to ‘Woke Capitalism,’ Threaten to Cut Off Banks That Refuse to Service Coal, Oil Industries

A coalition of financial officers from 15 states sent a letter to the U.S. banking industry on Monday warning they plan to take “collective action” against banks that adopt corporate policies to cut off financing for the coal, oil, and natural gas industries. The group threatens to scrutinize or potentially curtail future business with banks that adopt an “economic boycott” of those industries in a letter obtained exclusively by National Review. Continue reading

BREITBART: Coalition of State Treasurers Urge Senate to Reject Biden’s Radical Comptroller of the Currency Nominee

Republican West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore announced over the weekend that he is leading a coalition of other state treasurers and financial officers in urging the U.S. Senate to reject President Joe Biden’s nominee to be Comptroller of the Currency given her radical remarks and writings. Continue reading

DAILY MAIL: West Virginia treasurer says NO state should comply with Biden's plan to spy on accounts with more than $600

West Virginia state treasurer Riley Moore said that no state should comply with a Biden proposal to force banks to hand over transaction data over $600 to the IRS, which he describes as an 'unconstitutional invasion.'   'The impact this is going to have on community banks, this is like Dodd Frank on steroids,' Moore told  Moore said big banks who supported Biden would be the beneficiaries of the proposal.  Continue reading
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