DAILY WIRE: Mushrooming Number Of GOP States Will Not Comply With Biden’s IRS Snoop

The number of GOP-led states which assert they will not comply with the Biden administration proposal — which would force banks to hand over the aggregate transaction data for accounts with over $600 to the IRS — is starting to mushroom. Continue reading

BREITBART: State Treasurers Send Message to Banks: If You Drop Coal, We Will Stop Using You

Over a dozen Republican state treasurers sent a clear message to financial institutions Tuesday, threatening to pull their assets if they “de-bank” fossil fuel firms. John Kerry, the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, is leading the Biden administration to push banks to help reduce the carbon emission in the United States, according to Axios. This has also been criticized by the Senate Republican lawmakers on the Banking Committee. All the Republicans already sent a letter to stop pressuring banks to make energy-related lending commitments. Continue reading

AXIOS: Scoop: States warn banks — Drop coal, and we drop you

More than a dozen Republican state treasurers are threatening to pull assets from large financial institutions if they agree to decarbonize their lending and investment portfolios, Axios has learned. Why it matters: The Biden administration — led by special presidential climate envoy John Kerry — has leaned on the banks to help reduce U.S. carbon emissions. That's prompted GOP lawmakers to criticize efforts to "de-bank" fossil fuel firms. The treasurers collectively control hundreds of billions worth of assets. Fifteen of them, led by coal-heavy West Virginia, say they're prepared to use this financial muscle to push back. The effort includes treasurers from other states with large energy industry presences such as North Dakota, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma. Continue reading

Moore discusses race for West Virginia treasurer

PARKERSBURG — The Republican Party nominee for treasurer of West Virginia hopes to flip the statewide office to the GOP. Continue reading

OP-ED: Defunding Movement Is Misguided

There is a movement in our country right now to “defund the police,” which has led to politicians reducing the budgets of police departments all across the country. This is a troubling trend that will likely have disastrous effects on public safety. As we engage in this national debate, it is critical that we remember the important work and activities that will be lost when politicians decide to wholesale defund police departments. Continue reading

Riley Moore, GOP WV treasurer candidate, advocates fiscal transparency, responsibility

HARPERS FERRY, W.Va. (WV News) — Riley Moore, who previously served as GOP assistant majority whip in the West Virginia House of Delegates, hopes to unseat long-serving State Treasurer John Perdue in the November general election. Moore, who is the grandson of former Gov. Arch A. Moore Jr. and the nephew of Sen. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., is running on a platform of fiscal transparency, responsibility and modernization. Continue reading

Riley Moore Joins WRNR to Discuss 2020 Primary on 6/10/2020

Riley Moore joined WRNR on June 10th, 2020 to discuss the 2020 Primary Results Continue reading
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Treasurer, Arch A Moore III