Riley Moore Endorsed by WV for Life

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – West Virginians For Life, the state’s largest pro-life advocacy organization, endorses Riley Moore for West Virginia Treasurer. Riley Moore is a strong pro-life candidate who believes in the sanctity of life and the moral responsibility of our government to protect the unborn.

“I have always been, and always will be pro-life. I can see no greater mission than protecting the lives of the unborn across West Virginia and the United States” said Riley Moore, conservative candidate for West Virginia Treasurer. “Far-left liberals are working every day to promote their abortion agenda at every level of our government. I strongly believe we must work just as hard to decrease the number of abortions in West Virginia and create a culture of valuing each and every life. All lives are precious and meaningful” he said. Riley Moore was a staunch supporter of pro-life policies when he served in the West Virginia House of Delegates and most recently was one of the first and strongest voices supporting the Born Alive Act in West Virginia.

In their endorsement, West Virginians for Life President Dr. Wanda Franz said “We commend Riley Moore for his 100% pro-life voting record formerly as a member of the Delegates. He has demonstrated a commitment to the lives of the weak and vulnerable, especially the unborn, the elderly and those with disabilities.”

Riley Moore is the only conservative running for West Virginia State Treasurer. He is from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia where he resides with his wife Mina and daughter.


Paid for Moore for West Virginia

Treasurer, Arch A Moore III