Treasurer Moore Condemns President Biden's Anti-Fossil Fuel Comments

West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore today issued the following statement in response to President Joe Biden’s comments Friday in California and Sunday in New York about shutting down coal plants and oil drilling in America.

“President Biden has finally said out loud what we’ve known all along: He and his liberal allies want to shut down the coal, oil and natural gas industries and force Americans into more expensive and unreliable forms of energy,” Treasurer Moore said.

“This must be stopped – and that’s why we’ve been fighting for the past two years against the radical anti-fossil fuel agenda being pursued by his Administration and their pro-ESG globalist allies on Wall Street.”

Since last year, Treasurer Moore has been leading national coalitions against the Biden Administration and extremists in the Environmental, Social and Governance movement. He was also the first Treasurer in America to pull investments and restrict business with BlackRock and four other financial institutions due to their anti-fossil fuel practices.

“Make no mistake: If Biden and his allies in the ESG movement succeed, Americans will see energy prices soar far higher than where they have been so far this year,” Treasurer Moore said.  “The crippling inflation we see now will be nothing compared to where they want to take us.

“This is why we must be unrelenting in our fight against this Administration’s agenda and that of their woke corporate allies. If the ESG movement succeeds, Biden’s dream of shutting down all coal, oil and natural gas plants will come about and Americans will literally be left out in the cold.

“Our growing coalition has consistently said we will never bend the knee to this un-American agenda, and we will continue to stand up for the American people and their access to affordable, reliable sources of energy.”

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