State Treasurer Riley Moore today issued the following statement after the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia reversed a lower court injunction against the Hope Scholarship program.

“This is a victory for West Virginia families over the out-of-state trial lawyers and liberal activists who are trying to block educational freedom and school choice for the children of our state,” Treasurer Moore said. “The Hope Scholarship will provide families – particularly those with low incomes – the ability to pursue educational opportunities that best suit their children.

“I am grateful the state Supreme Court moved quickly to hand down this decision and look forward to reading their full opinion on the matter,” Treasurer Moore said. “Effective immediately, this program is back up and running to serve the people of this state and provide the educational options they need.”

Treasurer Moore, who serves as Chairman of the Hope Scholarship Board, said the Board will soon meet at the earliest possible date to resolve various implementation issues in order to begin administration of the program.

Families are encouraged to visit over the coming days for more information as it becomes available.

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