• Riley is fighting for our fair share in Charleston!

Riley is Fighting and Winning for Jefferson County!

Funding for the MARC train:

Through Moore’s work, this critical train service to our area has been saved from closure. Moore is the first and only delegate from Jefferson to successfully provide funding for the MARC train – and did so without raising taxes. That’s fighting for Jefferson County’s fair share in Charleston.

Reining-in govt. waste:

Riley sponsored HB 4015, a bill signed into law, that reigned in the state’s roughly $200 million in vehicle fleet. Prior to this bill, the West Virginia State Government had no clear accounting of state vehicles – how many there were, where they were, and what they were being used for. HB 4015 transformed the state’s Fleet Management Office into a permanent Fleet Management Division in the Department of Administration and requires annual reporting and continual tracking of the state’s vehicle fleet.

Expanded tourism & business in Jefferson:

Moore authored and shepherded a bill creating a “resort license”. Signed into law, this bill has a direct and positive impact on our local businesses like River Riders and the Bavarian Inn. The bill removes government over-regulation of refreshment and beverage service within a businesses’ private property for events, weddings and parties.

Real solutions to opioid epidemic:

Delegate Moore secured one of the first-ever pilot programs in the state for Jefferson County with Vivitrol, which is a non-narcotic anti-opioid drug. The pilot program is now part of the county’s correctional recovery program. Inmates who voluntarily request Vivitrol upon release from the Eastern Regional Jail can now continue to receive this treatment at the Jefferson Day Report Center.

Justice for victims of violent crime:

Riley has championed two bills that were signed into law and created as well as funded the State Police Forensic Laboratory Fund. His first bill directly addresses the back log of state police DNA evidence, including rape kits, that have not been processed for crimes that are many times violent in nature. Since the enactment of these bills the state police’s DNA backlog has decreased for hundreds of cases and is on course be resolved.


Paid for by Moore for West Virginia Treasurer, Arch A. Moore III

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